Festival Estivo

International music contest

A festival of the emerging music, in collaboration with Ariè as responsible of all audition of Lazio region and the organization. The Festival Estivo has been guarantee by Europe parliament, by the government ( ministry of youth, ministry of tourism ) and Tuscany region.

A musical kermesse, give an opportunity to singers and music groups to perform with their songs in a music contest; to give value to songwriters and artist interpretation. The final will be on the venue of the important Old Port of Genoa.

All Awards are:

Production of the song unpublished with professional videoclip

Promotion radio/tv/press release and web marketing

award for the best master

award for the best word

award “ Sergio Endrigo” to the best songwriter 

contract with a music label records 

Have different category under 12, under 16, over 16  and group

Festival Estivo will be in more then 80 tv channel, Blu SKY and distributed by FOX Production


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