Beauty Pageant


A new and innovative Italian- american project, that offer a big opportunity to young peoples to work with foreign, in particular Italy.

In collaboration with Thumbelina production, they created the first international contest of beauty MISS PERFECT LADY AND MR PERFECT GENTLEMAN.

The Thumbelina Production, founded by Natalia Korol, is a label that produce Pageant and has also a school of beauty and bon ton, Etichetta Academy.

Miss and Mr is a beauty pageant, fashion and talent; a contest for girls and boys organized in Los Angeles and Rome. 

Winner will be leading in concerts, opportunity to perform on the Red Carpet with Hollywood Stars and TV reporters;

they will be on international tv, press release and magazine.

Winner will travel by America to Italy and contrariwise to perform in Italian- american runway, press release, tv and the opportunity to work with Italian - american fashion designer.

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